Enrolled Religious Education Families

Welcome to another year of Religious Education. Below is a link to the calendar.

Upcoming Dates:

Sunday, December 24: No Class

Sunday, December 31: No Class

Sunday, January 7: Virtus “Teaching Boundaries and Safety” Class. If you opt-out of this class, please do not bring your child to Religious Education that day.

Sunday, January 14: No Class

Sunday, January 28: Level 8 – Mandatory Confirmation Retreat 3pm-8pm. Students will attend 7pm Mass.

Sunday, February 11: No Class – Enjoy the Nativity Jamboree – Service Hours available at the Jamboree

Sunday, February 18: No Class

Saturday, February 24: Level 2a – After the 5pm Mass, First Communion students meet in the classrooms and there is a meeting for parents at the Parish Hall.


How to make-up an absence…click here.